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A Better Outlook on Fitness Using Yoga

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  • April 15th, 2014
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Most would agree when a wise sage suggests that our hectic pace of modernized life takes its toll on our body, mind and soul. General health and mental well-being gets riddled with unhealthy lifestyle choices as a result of arduous strain towards ourselves. Yoga can possibly be one such answer for combating stress, to achieve physical and mental tranquility. Let us take some dwelling into the ground rules involved and things that revolve around how beneficial yoga can be and why to choose yoga for pro fitness.

Good health is by far the greatest asset which one wishes to possess. Good health does not mean there will be absence of diseases through good diet but there must be a presence of proper physical exercises, and hence fitness comprises of various components and attributes. For instance, yoga can make you attain a balance of muscular endurance, cardio respiratory efficiency, agility, speed, flexibility of a body and as well as perception alertness of one’s mind.

Practicing yogic exercises promotes positive maintenance of each and every organ in your system. For better understanding, we shall take a noteworthy deviation towards why you must consider yoga for avoiding lifestyle diseases and for better living.

Known Benefits from Regular Practice of Yoga

-It tones up the circulatory, respiratory, digestive and nervous system and improves overall well being.

-Protects vital organs from being infected with deadly viruses and harmful bacteria.

-Provides proper flow of attachment to the muscles, bones and permits loco motor functions of the body.

-Keeps you fit internally by regulating your blood cholesterol, blood pressure.

-Removes unwanted fat and improves your image and makes you look better physically.

-Improves digestion and absorption associating to metabolism.

-Acts as a remedy for addictions relating to drug or substance abuse, alcohol, and mental disorders.

-Treats anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, and neurosis.

Isotonic and Isometric types

Remember, focus on your type. There are two sections which can cater you. But on a long run, it can do wonders with yoga as a base of inspiration. Highly recommended type is isotonic.

-Isotonic: Exercises tones and shortens muscles but tension in the muscles remains same. This means walking, swimming, running, cycling, jogging, skipping and bench stepping. Isotonic increases work force of cardiovascular system, but if one performs regularly to optimum quantity, they can achieve the best physical fitness.

-Isometric: In this, the length of the muscles does not change, but the tension increases. Best example would be weight lifting which build muscle mass. These hinder stamina and physical endurance because it can impose serious threat by causing severe strain on cardiovascular system, high blood pressure etc.

-Yoga improves autonomic nervous system mainly sympathetic (SNS) and para-sympathetic (PNS). How?

If for example, sympathetic activity involves pupil dilation then parasympathetic activity constricts it. SNS inhibits the activity of the stomach, intestine and PNS stimulates it. SNS raises the blood pressure, PNS lowers it. Finally SNS increases heart rate, PNS slows it down. So both systems can be controlled through yoga because it gives you control over your bodily activity and also to your senses to voluntarily increase PNS functions more for the betterment.

-Yoga unlike isometric exercise does not strain, create pressure but improves breathing and physical fitness, endurance, and stamina.

-Yoga can bring about a feeling of freshness through relaxation and removes physical lethargy.

-Yoga does not require any expenditure on equipment.

-It is harmless so anyone or gender of any age can withstand and follow yoga without going through physical examination.

Did you know yoga can prolong a human’s shelf life?

Yes. Longevity is a concern to many. You can amplify life expectancy through yoga. Well, the benefits of yoga entails lot more than one can imagine. The long term benefits are worth the investment. By meaning investing your time, you can achieve miracles. Hope this helped. Take care, eat properly and be well.

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