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Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

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  • February 28th, 2016
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Over the past decade, there has been a steady increase in the number of diabetics all over the world. Researchers are of the opinion that the incidence of diabetes has started to assume epidemic proportions and could seriously impact health care costs and life expectancy. Further, recent studies reveal that the increase in the incidence of insulin dependent diabetes among children under 19 years of age is also alarmingly high. This has led the scientific community to consider the question “can diabetes be reversed?” Studies show that diabetes can be reversed and the goal of this article is to try and provide some information in this regard.

Can diabetes be reversed – Impact of Conventional Medication

Statistics such as those mentioned above point out two important facts:

#1: Primary cause of diabetes is not genetics
#2: En masse we are doing something that is fundamentally wrong – seriously wrong diet and no physical activity

Conventional medicine classifies type-2 diabetes as a problem of blood sugar levels rather than as an underlying problem related to improper insulin as well as leptin signaling. In reality, diabetes is all about insulin resistance and more importantly, the malfunctioning of your leptin signaling system due to elevated levels of both insulin and leptin.

This is the major reason as to why the medical fraternity is unable to contain the epidemic. In fact, using insulin to treat type-2 diabetes can be immensely harmful to you. This is because recent research studies conclude that treating type-2 diabetes using insulin can lead to type-1 diabetes.

Can diabetes be reversed – Understanding Diabetes


Pre-diabetes, the starting point of development of resistance to insulin, is commonly referred to as impaired glucose tolerance. It is diagnosed by measuring fasting blood sugar level. If the fasting blood sugar reading ranges from 100 to 125 mg/dl, you are pre-diabetic.

It is easy to get back to normalcy if you are in this stage. You just have to swap processed foods with wholesome organic foods that are lower in sugar content and sugar-forming carbohydrates and involve in a daily exercise routine.

Metabolic syndrome

As the insulin resistance advances, your liver starts to make more and more sugar as well as fat. Your muscles will also become less efficient in burning sugar and lipids and producing glycogen. This in turn increases sugar and fat levels in your bloodstream, leading to high levels of triglycerides, increased body fat (especially in the abdominal area) and elevated blood pressure. Metabolic syndrome was earlier on referred to as Syndrome X.

Type-2 diabetes (non-insulin-dependent diabetes)

In type-2 diabetes, your pancreas produces too much insulin, but does not utilize it properly. This advanced state of insulin resistance is caused by the consumption of foods that are high in sugar content or sugar-forming foods.

When the insulin signaling system is impaired, sugars cannot enter the cells and produce energy. Instead, it remains in your blood. Anyone can get type-2 diabetes, but people who are overweight, sedentary, have a family history of type-2 diabetes, have metabolic syndrome, etc., are at a higher risk.

Consuming over 25 grams of fructose every day through processed foods increases the risk of developing resistance to insulin or leptin, metabolic syndrome and chronic illnesses. Fructose may be low glycemic, but it reduces the sensitivity of insulin receptors, impairing the proper functioning of your endocrine system.

Another major reason for the cause of type-2 diabetes is eating a diet that has high amounts of carbohydrates in it. Fiber-free carbohydrates are immediately metabolized into sugar inside your body. Therefore, eating sugar or sugar-forming foods does not in any way help you to exercise control on your blood sugar levels.

When the sugar level in your blood increases due to the consumption of food, your body releases insulin for the purpose of storing the extra energy. A portion of the sugar ingested is stored as glycogen, but a major portion is converted into fat and stored. This is to say that primary role of insulin is storing extra energy for future needs and not to lowering your blood sugar level. Therefore, a carbohydrate rich diet or consumption of high amounts of fructose desensitizes the cells to the effects of leptin, insulin and other hormones.

The Role of Leptin

The hormone leptin also plays a key role in causing type-2 diabetes. Your fat cells, and also some other cells, produce leptin. The primary role of this hormone is to regulate your body weight and appetite. It sends messages to your brain and regulates aspects such as to how much you should eat, and when to eat as well as stop eating.

When the sugar level in your blood increases, insulin works to store the additional energy as fat and the fat cells start producing leptin. If you have more fat, more of this hormone will be produced. This is to say that insulin and leptin work in tandem. In addition, leptin ensures insulin signaling accuracy.

Therefore, leptin resistance prevents signals from reaching the brain. This results in overeating, chronic hunger, inability to burn fat. This in turn causes resistance to insulin and type-2 diabetes. The only known method by which you can reintroduce proper leptin signalling is by following a proper diet.

Can diabetes be reversed – Conclusion

Can diabetes be reversed

As the underlying cause of type-2 diabetes is insulin/leptin resistance, it is possible to reverse the condition by means of lifestyle changes alone provided conventional drugs and medical therapy have not killed the insulin-producing cells in your pancreas and led you to type-1 or insulin dependent diabetes. You can easily achieve this by replacing processed foods with whole, organic foods. You need to cook your food from scratch using fresh ingredients. The major source of primary culprits such as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and other sugars, artificial sweeteners, trans-fats, carbohydrates, preservatives and additives is processed food. They wreak havoc on your body’s metabolic activity.


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Never ever believe that medications can cure or reverse type-2 diabetes. This is because diabetes drugs do not resolve the underlying issue. Further, many drugs have serious adverse effects. Can diabetes be reversed? Yes, by restoring the sensitivity of the cells to insulin and leptin as explained above.

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