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Eliminate Pregnancy Woes with Prenatal Massage

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  • June 29th, 2014
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Most of us couldn’t begin to imagine the amount of pain most women have to endure in the months approaching their delivery date. A pregnancy is much more inconvenient than a few episodes of morning sickness here and there. Put yourself in a state where you are immobile, suffering from a slew of symptoms like a headache and heartburn, and unable to find a comfortable sleeping position. These are just a few of the common symptoms that expecting mothers report. These symptoms will often have them searching for maternity pillows and portable massagers to hopefully obtain some relief.

Now, a prevalent question that arises is how one can go about treating these problems. Medicinal use often has to be ruled out as it can create complications with the pregnancy. Furthermore, exercise might not be the best solution as the mother may be largely inactive due to the regular pain she experiences.

The use of massage therapy in treating pregnancy-related back pain has skyrocketed. By reading this article and others, patients can make informed purchasing decisions that can put them a step closer to a pain free lower back. For one, therapy is perfectly safe if conducted by a masseuse experienced in prenatal massage. There are no harmful chemicals used, and sensitive areas of the body are avoided. A prenatal massage therapy session begins with properly situating the patient. This couldn’t be more important for a pregnant mother as improper posture can put strain on her back and various ligaments that could have her leaving in more pain than she initially arrived with.

The masseuse will determine proper posturing according to how much the pregnancy has progressed. If it is only in its initial phase or first trimester, the patient may be able to successfully lie on their stomach. Otherwise, they will need to lay on their back or side. From here, the masseuse will begin working your tissues thoroughly to melt away joint and muscle pain. Many have reported feeling a dip in anxiety levels after a massage session and feeling overly relaxed. Some attribute this to an uptick in endorphin levels. However, this is no medical literature that indicates that massage therapy has any effect on the quantity of endorphins in the blood stream.

Regardless, short of buying a handheld massager to perform therapy on yourself, you really couldn’t make a better investment in pain relief. There are various things you can do to reduce the frequency of your visits to the massage parlor, such as replacing your current pillows with a maternity pillow such that your improve your nighttime posture. These pillows will ensure proper spinal alignment by elevating your legs and providing support to your uterus. If you apply these preventative measures and continue seeking massage treatment, you will be amazed at how much more relaxed you feel.


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