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Food Lovers Diet to Manage Diabetes

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  • April 29th, 2014
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food lovers diet

Food lovers diet is crucial when you want to manage diabetes. This is because for you to live a healthy and fulfilled life you need to take a good look at your diet. This article will discuss high protein intake that is linked to increased risk of diabetes and Mediterranean diet that may slow diabetes progression.

 High animal protein

According to the study, the risk of developing diabetes type 2 is higher on those individuals who take in a lot of protein, and most especially animal protein. Wageningen University in Netherlands analyzed a large study on European adults where they collected data on participant’s physical activity levels, diet, weight, height, and waist circumference. They then followed them to see those who will develop diabetes.

Average animal protein intake was 90 grams per day on participants. After analyzing other common diabetes risk factors, they found that those people who ate more had a higher weight to height ratio and were at a greater risk of getting diabetes. The risk rose by 6% for every additional 10 grams of the consumed protein each day.

Those who ate more protein of around 11 grams per day were 17% more likely to become diabetic compared to those who ate 72 grams per day. The risk increased on those who ate 72 grams per day of animal source proteins by 22%, compared to those who ate 36% grams per day.

Other findings published in diabetes care journal showed that those individuals who ate most proteins got about 15% of the protein from red meat, poultry, processed meat, fish, and dairy. However, red and processed meat has consistently been linked to diabetes type 2.

Slowing diabetes progression-Mediterranean diet slows diabetes progression

For those individuals who were recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, consuming lots of fish, olive oil, and whole grains slows diabetes progression more than restricting fat, according to the recent research.

In a research that followed participants for almost 8 years, those who adopted Mediterranean diet went significantly longer before going for diabetes medication and majority had their diabetes reduced, as compared to those who were on low fat diet.

According to Katherine Esposito, individuals who were diagnosed should have a healthy diet and Mediterranean diet is the ideal one. It is important to cut calories, but cutting fat is also easy. However, maintaining the right levels healthy food is helpful.

One of the important aspects of Mediterranean diet is the percentage of daily fat, which is usually higher than 30% of daily calories. However, the main fat component is monounsaturated, which always the fat from olive oil in Mediterranean diet.

As the study continued, participants in the previous study were followed. Since they were divided into groups, one group was asked to follow Mediterranean diet, and the other group to follow low fat diet. Both diets were designed to prevent diabetes from worsening by keeping blood sugar under control without any form of medication.

On both diets, males were asked to take 1,800 calories and females 1,500 calories. Mediterranean dieters were supposed to eat a lot of vegetables and whole grains, and replaced red meat with poultry and fish. At the end of four year study, majority of the participants in each group had not gone for diabetes medications.


Diabetic people usually gain a lot of weight making it hard to deal with it. If not treated or managed effectively, diabetes can turn out to be life threatening. When diabetes is usually complicated by obesity, medical complications can daunting and that is why Robert Ferguson’s food lovers diet encourages you to be extremely cautious about what you eat.


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