How to Last Longer in Bed

If you want to know how to last longer in bed you’ve probably tried a hundred different things already, but have any of them actually been tested successfully in the real world by thousands of different men? The 47 hour premature ejaculation cure program finally puts to bed the myth you can solve your problem using methods concocted in the mind of a medical professional who has never actually suffered from the heartache of breaking your partner’s heart or the embarrassment of taking someone to bed for the first time and failing to live up to expectations.

You’ll be given a step-by-step guide to follow, and even though it says 47 hours in the name it’s actually broken down into small sessions spread out over around twelve and a half weeks. The ability to focus on one small thing at a time is a true blessing in disguise, because trying to remember a whole course worth of information when you’re in bed is going to make your experience even less pleasurable. The illustrated easy-learning steps will give you the power to control all the important muscles in your body within 47 hours, including the biggest one.

A Brief History Of The Program Creator

You know the stigma attached to premature ejaculation, so it will come as no surprise to you the creator doesn’t want their identity splashed across the internet for all to see. From the very first time he tried to have sex his problems began, and they only got worse as he messed around with useless things like Kegel exercises, which I’m sure you already know far too well. Luckily he had a very understanding girlfriend who stood by him during the tough times, and this offered him the time to do something about it.

After feeling terrible staring at the tears streaming from his girlfriend’s eyes, he set out on a quest which took years and involved hundreds of hours refining the techniques you’re soon about to learn for yourself. Eventually he cured himself to the point where he could not only last for as long as he wanted in bed, but when in control of the crucial muscles he developed the ability to finish the job on command. He was desperate to share his findings with you, a replica of himself years ago when he was miserable.

What You’ll Find Inside The Program

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll soon get access to a database full of practices you should follow on a daily basis. These small practices will build on top of each other until after twelve and a half weeks when you’ll be desperate to jump into bed at every opportunity that presents itself. Before we look at the different stages you’ll go through during the course, let’s look at the 4 fundamental principles you must learn if you’re to finally know how to last longer in bed:

• The muscles used in ejaculation, including their purpose and where they’re located.
• The special methods used to control and constantly strengthen these muscles.
• How you can control your mind during intercourse, which is the key to everything.
• The visualizations, mindset, and attitude you need so you will succeed effortlessly.

The full course is split into different sections, and we’ll cover them now to look at what you can expect over the weeks ahead.

• Build (Weeks 1-4)
• Map (Weeks 5-8)
• Succeed (Weeks 9-12)


The Build section is quite simply designed to help you take control of an organ you’ve never had control of in your life while in bed. I’m talking about your mind, and within the space of 4 weeks you’ll learn how to take ownership of it.


The middle of a course is always usually the most boring, but in the Map section you will learn how to master ejaculation. The ‘Map of Arousal’ you’ll discover when mastering ejaculation will use techniques you’ll not be able to find anywhere else on the internet.


You are finally a success story and you’ll be able to control your premature ejaculation, but these last few weeks will let you build upon the skills you’ve already learned until you can finally call yourself a master of the bedroom in every aspect of the word.

How Much Does The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation course cost?

Right now, for a limited time, you can pick up the course for only $97. All your bedroom worries will fade away within months and the results will last forever, and it only takes a one-time payment to make this possible. You’ll even be given 60 days to test out the methods, and if you don’t feel they’re right for you it’s simple enough to get all your money back. Weigh up the cost of $97 versus every partner you’ll let down over your lifetime.

But wait, that isn’t all you’ll get when you purchase the course. You will also have access to support 24/7, and even though each lesson is easy to understand you’ll still be able to contact the support desk if you have any questions in the world. They’re so supportive of your problem they’ll aim to give you an answer within one day, which also includes the weekends. When someone is willing to go overboard in their delivery you know they’re easy to trust.

A Nice Emergency Bonus For Free

Not everyone will be able to wait until the course finishes before they have full control of their premature ejaculation. In an emergency you will want results straight away, so as a nice bonus they’ll also throw in the secret to curing your problem tonight. They can only help you last at least 15 minutes at this early stage, but that might be 15 minutes longer than you can last right now. The 7 illustrations make the information easy to digest and retain in the back of your mind.

Should You Buy The 47 Hour Premature Ejaculation Cure course?

The obvious answer is yes, but let me explain why. Like millions of other men around the world, you suffer from a debilitating problem causing havoc on more than your sex life, right? Well after failing to cure your problems so far, this course promises you results based on real world success stories from everyone who has ever tried it. You can also easily get your money back if you change your mind and decide to continue suffering, so it’s what we call a win-win situation where it’s impossible to lose.