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How to Prevent Stress When Travelling With Kids?

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  • September 7th, 2014
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Many of us have been longing for an exciting trip with our family. Obviously, it would be much easier if our entire family could just be magically teleported to a popular tourist destination. During the actual trip to a destination, families are often confronted with a nightmare scenario. Baby may cry during a long flight and toddlers often whine when families are on the car for hours.

Anxiety inflicted during a vacation trip may pack a double whammy. In planes, we are not only stressed because we are trying to calm our child down, but we are also quite conscious that many people are sleeping in a confined space and we don’t want to disturb them. This could make us doubly anxious.

A good way to make our infants more relaxed is to equalize pressure in their ear. Earaches can be prevented with sweets, soothers, bottle-feeding and breast-feeding. Toddlers who whine because they feel bored in the car should be warned to abide by common rules, such as not removing the seat belt or not putting the hand outside the windows. It can be especially difficult to achieve for many pre-school toddlers who don’t like restraint and want to exert some level of independence.

Meticulous planning should be the key to calmer, easier and happier travel, since those little things may catch us unaware. As an example, if we let our four-year-old packed her bag, we may forget to check it in the rush. This could present a problem in airport if she carries sharp, metal objects; like small scissors. Some children could even be hysterical when seeing their favourite teddy disappears into an X-ray machine, thinking that it will be gone for good. Parents should explain things that will happen during long flight and drive, so toddlers could be better prepared mentally.

Experts advise a series of preparatory chats with children during a holiday trip. As an example, we could tell children that a long flight would be very exciting, because the pilot and stewardesses have prepared special seats for them where they can have fun, sleep and eat. We should tell children that everything they’ll do in the airplane and the destinations will be very exciting.

It is recommended to visit a cheap toyshop a few days before the travel where we can purchase multiple affordable small toys. We could introduce these gradually during the flight, so children could feel distracted when they get restless or bored. Some portable movie players are useful to entertain the children during the flight and it could be a good idea to invest on affordable powerbank so the distraction could last the flight. Another way to distract children is to bring many snacks, like biscuits, that won’t require spoon. Snacks are useful if toddlers are fussy eaters. Dry air inside the car or plane means that we should give kids plenty of fluids to keep them hydrated. If the flight isn’t full and the airfare is reasonable, we should consider getting an extra seat. Because air conditioning can be quite cold at night, we should bring the children’s favorite blanket to allow them sleep comfortably. Whatever we do, we need to stick to the usual sleeping and feeding routine; to keep the child’s stress level low.

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