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Understand The Borderline Diabetes

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  • August 13th, 2016
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borderline diabetes

Diseases do come, and most of the diseases that a person will be diagnosed with are deep in the blood stream. Basically, the majority of diseases is only realized when they have got into the system already. Nevertheless, there are some that are a mild condition, or disease, which are like indicators to a major disorder. A good example is the borderline diabetes.

What Is Borderline Diabetes?

Also known as Prediabetes, this is a metabolic disorder, which is an indicator that you are about to be diagnosed with diabetes. With this type of condition, you can take early steps to ensure that you are free from diabetes. Too many people around the world have Prediabetes, and if it is not treated or diagnosed early enough, it may lead to type 2 diabetes.

It might also be termed the IFT, impaired Fasting Glucose, if a person has sugar levels that are higher than the normal level after fasting. Alternatively, it could be called IGT, impaired glucose tolerance, suppose the sugar levels are higher than normal, after eating.

Are You Borderline Diabetic?

It is not that easy to realize that you have Prediabetes, and you could easily slip into Prediabetic condition even without realizing. It could be difficult to realize that you are Prediabetic, but here is a quick way to realize if you are or not;

Typically, the Prediabetic condition will begin with high levels of blood sugar. But how will you know if your blood sugar is normal, or if it is high?

One way to go about it is to take the GTT, Glucose Tolerance test. This will help you know the exact sugar levels, and determine if you are Prediabetic or not.

The Fasting Blood Test

This will help you to know if you have normal levels of blood sugar. You will need to fast for at least 8 hours, or most likely, over the night. You can then visit the doctor and take a blood test, using the Fingerstick.

A blood drop will be removed from your finger by the nurse, then the blood sample will be introduced to a glucose monitor for examining. The monitor will show the results in a number of seconds. Suppose the number is below 100, then your blood sugar level is normal. However, the best number for the Fasting test should be 80.

But if the number is between 100 and 125, then it will show that you are Prediabetic. However, health specialists recommend that you take more than 1 test to get the perfect result. But suppose the number indicates above 125 will be considered to have Type 2 Diabetes.

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Borderline Diabetes Symptoms You Need To Know

You might have known the blood sugar level, via the Fasting Blood Test, which allows you to know if you are Prediabetic or not. However, you will need to understand other symptoms, which will help you know if you have diabetes or not. Some of the common symptoms that you will need to watch out for include the following;

a)Constant Urination. Since the level of your blood sugar will rise, the kidneys will be overcome, which will let sugar pass in the urine. The body will draw fluids from the tissues, for the sake of excreting the blood sugar. In turn, you will urinate repeatedly, which can make you dehydrated. This then makes you thirsty more frequent. The cycle will continue, since you will drink more water, and the body will excrete it.
b)Tiredness. As the level of your blood sugar is raised, the body will not work in the perfect way. The blood sugar will not be utilized in the right way, and as a result, the body will become more exhausted.
c)Dry Mouth. You will have a dry mouth, which might be as a result of the constant urination, that leads to dehydration.
d)Blurred Vision. The high sugar levels will affect the eye, which can affect your overall vision. The sugar levels will distort and stiffen the eye lenses, this will gradually affect your vision.
e)Change In Weight. There could be some alteration in your weight, whereby you will lose some weight.
f)Numb Hands And Feet. The condition might destroy the nervous system, which will cause numbness. You might not feel anything when your hands or feet are touched.
g)Poor Healing. Higher levels of blood sugar could reduce the immune response to wounds, which reduced the process of healing. So if your wounds are taking too long to heal, you will need to check with your doctor for further diagnosis.

Foods Borderline Diabetics To Choose And Avoid

One of the most definite causes of Prediabetics is the intake of sugary foods, or any food that has high levels of sugar. Here is a guide for the right diet of a Prediabetic person;

What To Eat
Here is a list of the food that are mostly suggested to a person diagnosed with Prediabetics;
• Whole-grain bread (brown bread). This type of bread provides energy to the body, and it has low levels of sugar.
• Brown rice.
• Vegetables and Fruits. These help to provide the body with the necessary nutrients, and they include oranges, bananas, apples, berries, and other greens like broccoli.
• Nuts. The nuts have the right content of fat, and they help to keep you full for long.
• Lean Meat. These include the white meat, such as turkey or chicken.

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What To Avoid
The most common enemies of your blood sugar levels, which will affect the condition of your Prediabetes include the following;
• Red meat. The red meat should be avoided completely, or at least twice in a week.
• Refined Grains. These include the white bread, and other food that contains high sugar levels like the sugary beverages or desserts.
• Fats. This will increase the risks of the heart disorders, and it will contribute to the progression into the Type 2 diabetes, for that, you must avoid them completely.
• Sodium Canned Food. These include food with high levels of salt and sugar like salted crisps and other snacks.


Borderline Diabetes could be a clear sign that you are entering the Type 2 Diabetes stage. But having noted the symptoms early enough, you will be able to get diagnosed, and stay safe. When your doctor has diagnosed you with the Prediabetes, you will then need to watch your diet. This will be a major contributor that will determine if you will enter the Type 2 Diabetes or not.

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