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The Secret to Eliminating Back Pain When Pregnant

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  • July 3rd, 2014
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Many women come to learn that their body starts to work against them when they become pregnant. Well, to be more fair, the body tries to facilitate the pregnancy in any way that it can. For instance, the body is designed to release excess amounts of progesterone once a pregnancy is underway. The uptick in progesterone serves to not only prepare the uterus for the baby, but to also weaken the muscles to allow the uterus to grow outwards.

One of the consequences of this mechanism is lower back pain. The pain might be so bothersome that it drives some to search for professional assistance to help it subside. The pain can be aggravated by a number of other factors, from edema (swelling in the body) to strain placed on the muscles and ligaments from the actual weight of the baby. It doesn’t help that many women don’t sleep properly such that their spine maintains proper alignment.

As much as some women like to fight it, one of the most effective safeguards against lower back pain is exercise. Exercise can promote muscle stimulation which translates to strengthening the muscles. It can also have other additional therapeutic effects, like reducing anxiety. It can be difficult trying to brainstorm ways to remain active considering the hurdles you now have to contend with, namely the mass of weight now present in your uterus. However, don’t be discouraged. Although there are alternate forms of treatment, they are usually most effective when combined with exercise.

A simple walk around the block every morning or afternoon can be enough to keep your muscles in good shape. If have you have access to a pool, you can also safely get some exercise time in. Just be sure to remain on the shallow end and have someone there to supervise you. A growing trend is among expecting mother is to enroll in prenatal yoga classes. This form of yoga is specially oriented towards augmenting the back muscles such that they can tolerate the extra weight of the baby and other variables working against them.

The great part about these types of classes is that they give you some social stimulation as well. You can chat away with other expecting mothers about the sorts of symptoms they’ve been experiencing and what they’ve done to overcome them. This type of routine interaction can work wonders to combat the depression spells which many pregnant women report. Furthermore, this may act as some extra motivation for you to continue the exercise regimen. If you are able to remain active and solve any nightly posture problems using something like a maternity pillow, you be able to quickly overcome your lower back pain. Once you succeed, be sure to pass these tips on to other expecting women who complain of similar problems.


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