Things to know as You Consider installation of an air conditioner

Before you ask experts from air conditioning installation Colorado Springs to fix your air conditioner, there are things that you need to be aware of which will help in ensuring that, once it is fixed, you save money as it will help in keeping the AC in shape and you to stay cool. There are several tasks which you can run on your own without involving a professional for window and central air units which include:

• How and why to fix air leaks: Ducts have the capacity of losing up to 30 per cent of the AC airflow through leaks and this especially is common with window AC units if you fail to seal them properly. Use the old smoke trick to find the leak. When you are dealing with the window units, light a stick of incense and ensure that you hold it where the window frame and the unit meet.
If you are handling the central AC, then you will have to hold the stick near the duct connection. You will know that you leak if the smoke blows around. If you are dealing with ductwork, then you can use duct mastic to seal large gaps and foil tape to seal small gaps. For the window AC units, you will have to utilize stuff foam between the window frame and the device, taping when a need arises.
• How and why to insulate: In crawl spaces and hot attics, the ducts have to be wrapped to keep the air that is in them cool. You can utilize batt insulation, spray foam, or rigid foam to perform the insulation. Seal rigid and batt insulation with foil tape and not duct tape. For tight spaces, wraps such as reflectix do offer some insulation.