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Three Ways to Cope With a Stressful Day

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  • August 18th, 2014
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Even during a busy day, we should be able to sit and relax for a few minutes, but it’s often not enough. In fact, a longer free time may still not be enough if we don’t apply effective methods to rid our body of stress.

Through incorporating these techniques, we can achieve better relaxation without shaving hours of productive time out of our workdays:

Oatmeal for breakfast: Oatmeal is consisted of more complex carbohydrate that takes longer to break down in our body than white bread, orange juice, sausage and egg. Because the process takes longer to complete, we should feel full longer. Oatmeal also contains ingredients needed to produce serotonin, which can relax our brain when paired with the dopamine. This will lower our stress level naturally. So, when preparing for a busy workday, a bowl of warm oatmeal should help us combat any kind of stressful environment that we could face.

Eat turkey sandwich for lunch: Compared to other meat, turkey is especially packed with more vitamin B, which can help our body to process important chemicals we need to relax. In fact, although we have more than enough serotonin and dopamine than our body needs; we still can’t process them without vitamin B in our diet. Folate is a type of vitamin B that’s particularly important when our mind and body are stressed. Not only turkey meat can meet daily requirements of folate; it could also provide additional serotonin for our body. Wrapped turkey sandwich is very practical to eat during a brief lunch break and it should be available at the nearest sandwich shop or deli.

Drink chamomile tea: Many professionals prefer to drink coffee at the office to boost their body with caffeine. Unfortunately, an overdose of caffeine could make us feel nervous, which is not a good way to reduce stress during a buds day. Alternatively, chamomile is packed with flavonoid that could work like Valium and relax our body. We should be able to find chamomile tea in major grocery stores. Boil the dried flowering heads at home to release the natural flavonoids and put the tea in a small thermos. Once we feel stress starts to occupy our mind, we could sip the chamomile tea at the office as a way to achieve relaxation.

We can boost the production of beneficial chemicals in our body by ingesting the right type of foods. This will also help our brain to relax. So the next time we are at a grocery store, we should consider buying these three important items to help diffuse our stress level at the office.


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