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Your Aching Back Might Be Due to Sleep Posture

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  • July 18th, 2014
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A tightening sensation in the lower back area is something most of us have already experienced. While it’s not something overly unpleasant, it sure does get your attention. A little ice, rest, and a short stint with the massager is typically all that’s needed to make the pain go away. Some people suffer from a chronic form of lower back pain due to one of a number of reasons.

They may have worked in a labor intensive industry in the past such as construction where their back was subjected to a fair amount of abuse. They may have been involved in an unfortunate accident that left their back in a state of disrepair.

Regardless, there are those mysterious cases of back pain that seem impossible to attribute to one specific event or behavior. Fortunately, there tends to be a common denominator in all such situations which can be relatively easy to address.

If there’s any time of day which many of us enjoy the most its night time. It’s hard to compare the feeling of snuggling up in bed in preparation for a long nights rest to anything else. Although we like to think that we have no control over our body during the night, there is at least one thing that can cause lower back pain that we have complete control over: posture. For some reason or another, people fail to assume the proper posture before falling asleep. They either sink their face into the pillow in a stomach-down orientation, sleep on their hips or in any other which way that their spine doesn’t receive adequate support from the mattress.

Correcting this takes training and diligence. Pairing your massager with the proper attachments might get you some relief, but unless you correct the behavior the pain will never fully go away. You need to convince yourself that this is the source of your lower back pain and simply learn to rest flat against your back. It can be difficult to tell how long it may take before your see improvement. Plan for at least a week, after which point you can take some more drastic action.

If your partner is complaining of similar symptoms, it may be time for your mattress to go. A temporary fix might include purchasing a lumbar support pillow to at least try and facilitate an improved posture. You can always aid in the healing process by treating your back with a handheld massager or massing cushion. For maximum stimulation, a shiatsu massage comes strongly recommended. Don’t forget the rudimentary treatments as well! Ice can work wonders to help reduce inflammation in your muscles and heat can help stimulate blood flow.

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